Training Up A Child  The Way  A Child Should Go

Go learn what's better of twain things, then also go on to what's best of three things

His angel plays the last trump it

Training Up A Child

"The Way" A "Child" Should "Go"
is above and beyond a narrow way of twain:
Us-ward is neither of (Them vs Them) --> Us

Train up a child
The Way a child should go

The Way is a more excellent way of three ways:
1. Broad Way:  an Old Way (of Them)
2. Narrow Way: a New Way (of Them)
3. "The New And Living Way" (of Us)

The Way A Child Should Go

Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go:
and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Matthew 9:13 Go learn what's better of twain
go ye and learn what [that] meaneth,
I will have mercy, and not sacrifice

Hebrews 6:1 Go on to what's best of three things
leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ,
let us go on unto perfection

Grace unto you, and (then) peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ

You’d think that after thousands of years of practice, humans would have figured out how to train up
a child to be consistently God-honoring. But even a cursory examination of our society shows that’s obviously not the case. Many are made more the child of hell: worse by religious parents instead of better; And only a few even consider going on to what's best for all of three things.

Sadly many parents, teachers, and preachers occupied in training up a child the way a child should go are
still themselves childish-adults, adult-hypocrites who "oppose themselves" as oxymorons. They still feud amongst themselves as Adamic "them" (Genesis 5:2), the old of old/new, the created of created/made, or worse: made one proselyte of made imperfect/made perfect; Which is to allegory say law of law/grace. Albeit "division" and not peace (Luke 12:51) "among them" (John 9:16) of them vs them, was "because of him" (John 7:43); But it was before the cross, where such law vs law got nailed as "enmity". After the cross things should be rightly divided of laws vs grace, to grace only.

After the cross we hear only "peace" (not division) of Christ. Also the "unity" of "we all are one" via "his witness unto all men". The question still remaining is one what are we all? The biblical answer is neither them vs them, but "us". God hath given "us" the victory, and the Lord is longsuffering to "us-ward".

So the way a child should go is not them-ward, neither to the left nor the right of such to and fro law <=> law of them vs them. Rather go us-ward: above and beyond such law law; such law imputing sin for the "hell" of it, then forgive one another by yet another law, or else by God bend over and kiss your divided Cheri bums bye bye for overshadowing your own mercy seat with law law from both ends, as if to forsake your own mercy by observing lying vanities (laws). Such a poddy seat, of babes, was intended to flush law, lest it give place to another law, and produce all manner of concupiscence like we see among many parents, teachers, and preachers; them who abuse children, as children themselves, who didn't put away childish things: laws.

Charity is "a more excellent way" than even the narrow way of broad and narrow ways; As being the life a narrow way of twain "leadeth unto". Yet for them of the narrow way who draw back to perdition of the broad way, instead of following the lead thereof and going on unto perfection as exhorted, the narrow way is "another law", witch eventually made them law <- law. As their excuse, of such accusing and excusing law law, they say the devil made them do it. Indeed devilish law can take such like captive at will, which is the reason we are to put away all law, whether it's written in stone or in ink: 2Cor 3.

Charity is notably the greatest of three things, thereby above and beyond both great and greater things, like law imputing sin for the hell of it, then trying and failing to forgive one another via another law (the 'law' of love), witch makes it a mission impossible, and nothing more than sounding brass without charity.

So the exhortation is come out from among them, both them vs them; By leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ,
twain thereof, division thereof, for the unity of oneness: just us thereof. Such a unified one is not the better one of twain, nor even the right one of left/right sides, but rather above such a one made proselyte, and thereby twofold:  more the child of hell than previous hypocrites & fools who put their trust in accusation all Mosaic law, instead of in the non accusational grace of Jesus Christ. And as if loving the lie thereof Moses more than the truth thereof JC, and foolishly thinking that rightly dividing the word of truth is the second law of Rom 8:2 law law.

Such like are many parents, teachers, and preachers occupied in training up a child in the way a child should go. They themselves did not go and learn what meaneth I will have mercy, and not sacrifice, nor go on unto perfection: "us-ward" of (them -> them) -> us. They did not "come out from among them"; Nor heeded Paul's mention that the only "escape" (from wrath) is via give more earnest heed to what's been said. Bible Translators, as if referring to such like, said: "it is preposterous order to teach first and learn after".

The way a child should go is not the better of twain things such as two thems; For Paul says we are not of them who draw back to perdition, but "of them" who believe to the saving of the soul.
So of them vs them, only some of them get it right of left/right, which tends to be accusational and also tends to leave some left (behind). And such righteousness is still soulish, earthy, Adamic: 1Cor 15:45, and "as in Adam (as in "them": Gen 5:2) all die" (perish): 1Cor 15:22.

The word of God divides assunder between soul and spirit: Hebrews 4:12, and the spiritual is after the natural: 1Cor 15:46; Just as JC grace and truth came after Mosaic laws and lies: Jn 1:17. The better of twain is also still "division" (not peace nor unity). So the way a child should go is us-ward: beyond the better of two thems (come out from among them), beyond such "division" of them vs them to the "unity" of "us". For God hath given "us" the victory. God is one of us, with us, and for us, from the get go. God hath not appointed "us" unto wrath (allegory: law, for only "law worketh wrath").

Wrath, the "no escape" sort of "destruction", is what comes upon "them"
in 1Thess 5:3, and upon "them all" in Lk 17: 27-30, both the goats and sheep of such left/right division (any person, hse, kingdom divided against itself shall fall to ruin: destruction); And it's because of what "they" say: "Peace and safety" (allegory: Grace and law). They ass u me there's "safety" in law. Not! Law is unfair ("unjust"), faulty: Heb 8, wrathful: Rom 4:15, accusational: Jn 5:45, condemning: 2Cor 3:9, dis-ease rendering: Heb 7, tormenting: Mt 8:6, terror-izing: Dt 34:12, a ministration of death: 1Cor 15:56; 2Cor 3:7; Jam 1:15.

They presume law abiding and sacrifice thereof law pleases God (His Grace). Not! Not then, not now, not ever: Ps 40:6; Hos 6:6; Mt 9:13; Heb 10: all. Law added makes His Grace "no more grace". Law can never make anyone perfect. The only condition of the Abrahamic covenant was to be perfect; And "be ye perfect": Mt 5:48, "endure to the end": Mt 10:22, go on unto perfection: Hebrews 6, are notably by leave the "principles" (law law), of them vs them; Also Pauline spoken of as them who "oppose themselves", to Timothy.

     1. "Them": who draw back to perdition (law <- law): division
     2. "Them": who believe to the saving of the soul (law -> law): division
     3. "Us": The Lord is longsuffering to "us-ward" (no law at all): peace

Just us, of the "us-ward" the Lord is longsuffering to, speaks of growing up beyond both sorts of them (come out from among "them" and be ye separate). It speaks of growing up unto the third of three things: "charity never faileth", which is notably "greatest" of "three things": (great => greater) => greatest.

Such "a more excellent way" of three ways, a way which never faileth any, is also called "the new and living way" of three ways.
For even the second and better way of two (broad/narrow) ways still fails many. Many parents, teachers, and preachers are among "them" who've failed to fully grow up themselves: childish adults. Sadly many parents, teachers, and preachers have not heard of a third way, and the perfection thereof, saying things like we're not perfect, and nobody is perfect, as if perfection were unattainable; When the Bible clearly says "be ye perfect" as admonition unto "them", and "go on unto perfection" by leaving the (plural) "principles" of broad/narrow ways:

   1. Broad Way: Old way (leadeth to destruction)
   2. Narrow Way: New way (leadeth unto life) ... by go on unto perfection
   3. More  Excellent Way: New and "living" way

God hath given "us" (of them/us) the victory "through" Jesus => Christ. Peace with God is also notably through "Jesus Christ" (not "Christ Jesus"). Above and beyond "Christ" of Jesus Christ: "the end of the law for righteousness", is the "fulness of Christ", which is above such lefteousness and righteousness.
Above such a law law sides war and blame game "he is our peace". Above what's right of such left/right (goats/sheep) division-all Son of Man heavens is a third heaven "higher than the heavens" where Christ entered and appeared in the presence of God for "us". We are exhorted to "go on unto perfection": (Jesus -> Christ) -> fulness of Christ, as what's best for "all" of three things: (good -> better) -> best; since good/better are only good/better for "some".

     1. Goats: Left side of left/right sides: war, division, good sacrifices
     2. Sheep: Right side of left/right sides: war, division, better sacrifices
     3. Understanding: "I will have mercy, and not sacrifice": peace, unity

Paul mentions two sorts of them (children, servants), clarifying "we (us) are not of them who draw back to perdition, but of them who believe to the saving of the soul". So of two sorts of them (children, servants), we are to be neither, not even the better sort; Yet "of them who believe" (of the children of God, of the servants of righteousness), the third way being neither broad nor narrow ways, yet it is "of" the narrow way which notably only "leadeth" unto life:

     1. Children of flesh: Romans 9 (children of the wicked: Mt 13)
     2. Children of God: Romans 9 (children of the kingdom: Mt 13)
     3. "Be no more children": Eph 4 (put away childish things: 1Cor 13:11)

       1. Servants of sin: Romans 6
       2. Servants of righteousness: Romans 6
       3. "Thou are no more servant, but a son": Galatians 4

Albeit many parents, teachers, and preachers occupied in training up a child the way a child should go are the better sort of two sorts of children and servants themselves, having boldly taken the narrow way of two ways. Yet such a narrow way of twain notably only "leadeth unto life", and only unto the "eternal" sort of temporal and eternal life by being neither of two sorts of them: neither children nor servants still in bondage to two sorts of laws:

   1. Law of sin and death: Rom 8:2
   2. Law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus: Rom 8:2 ("another law": Rom 7)
   3. "Ye are not under the law, but under grace": Gal 3

JC allegorically speaks of a "second" (law) being "like unto" the first (law): Matthew 22: 36-40; Only "great" of great -> greater -> greatest. JC also said of his grace and truth (about the law): a "greater" is here: Mt 12: 41,42. And a second (law) "fulfills the (first) law": the law of "sin and death": a "ministration of death": as in Adam all die. And on two such laws "hang" all the law and the prophets ("cursed every one that hangeth on a tree"). So the 'law' of "love": "love thy neighbor as thyself", is actually as twice fallen, twofold (more the child of hell), and deadly, as Babylon the "great": "is fallen, is fallen", and notably bwd to great <- greater <- greatest. Paul also clarifies that "another law" (the 'second' of such Romans 7 & 8:2 law law) only produces "all manner of concupiscence", making a "wretched man", instead of a perfect man kind. So:

The way a child should go is beyond a childish merry go round by which "children" are tossed "to and fro": law <=> law; Unto what's above and beyond such law law: grace void of law. For in such childish law => law is the of potential of even the children of God being made one proselyte, and thereby made twofold (them vs them): even "more the child of hell", and having a latter end worse than previous hypocrites, fools, vipers, and blind guides who all notably sat in Moses' seat: law. And compassed sea and land to add their Mosaic "law worketh wrath": Romans 4:15 (such a "great terror": Deut 34:12) to other of them: those childish adults who willingly remain (ignorant) "children" of God, and the sort of law law God that's divided and partial. As Paul notes in Romans 7, it's by "another law" of such Romans 7 & 8 law law, that all manner of evil concupiscence results, making even him a wretched man.

We know this even happens to many priests, pastors, and Bible teachers who've taken the narrow way and become the better of two sorts of children and servants; but failed to "come out from among them" and "put away childish things": laws. For the media has reports of childish priests molesting even younger children, childish pastors ensnared by their own law law, childish teachers who accuse others and excuse themselves, parents who abuse children, and children of God who pay such religious and political pied pipers: "ministers" all, but notably ministers of Satan: law (2Corinthians 11:15) to do sow, be sow dog gone law law. Many foolishly look for the "Son of Man" to return, and take vengeful wrath upon those left (behind) of such a left/right sides war; Not knowing (forgive "them", for they "know not" what they do) the Son of Man has but one thing in store for "them all": "destruction" (Luke 17: 27-30); Reason to convert from them vs them to us, to avoid being groundead: bending over and kissing divided Cheri bums bye bye for being sow law law.

The second of such Law <- Law runs the risk of giving place to the devil, to the first of two beasts in Revelation 13. The result can be sevenfold worse when "seven other spirits more wicked" return with the "unclean spirit" (law, fear) cast out, as is noted in Mt 12:45. Revelation (Uncovering, Revealing, Disclosure) speaks of "seven spirits" of God, but the God of thereof johnny law <- law is Law worketh wrath; For only "law worketh wrath" and (merciful) God hath not appointed us unto wrath (law worketh wrath).

The Revelation (Uncovering, Revealing, Disclosure) of St John, and notably written by Paul as his angel therein who both delivers The Revelation of Jesus Christ unto John, and plays the last trump it in such a two revelations Sabbath shewdown of johnny law vs His grace, reveals John turned back to law, like a "Dog" (reverse of God) turned to his own vomit, as noted by "converted" Peter who was previously one of three top dogs himself, before his conversion, and as if the converion of Satan. For Peter is the only man in the Bible called Satan, but is also told "when (not if) thou art converted, then strengthen thy brethren". Converted Peter strengthens with grow in "grace". So the growth progression is: (Simon -> Peter) -> Converted Peter.

Many parents, teachers, and preachers try and fail to fight devilish law with even more law (as silly as pouring gasoline on a raging fire to put out the fire). Such a good fight (of good better best) of faith (great of great greater greatest) becomes an endless battle: war (division rather than peace); with law popping up again and again like a Jack in the box who promised to vanish (rapture). Such an Impe obviously lies(laws). Many erroneously think they have freedom from the law of sin and death via "another law" in Rom 7 & 8:2, the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus. But such (reverse of JC) no more voids the law of sin and death than a law of areodynamics voids a law of gravity for long.

Such is only temporal, and a sanre that becomes as the song says: I fought the law and the law won. For law is not only the source of sin: Rom 5:13, but also the strength of sin: 1Cor 15:56, the strong man JC said to bind in order to spoil the house of sin, lest it spoil you. So thinking another law of Rom 7 and 8:2, or even the law of love thy neighbor as thyself, purges sin consciousness is childish folly, common among silly women (churches). Hebrews 9 & 10 reveal the law cannot purge the conscience of sin nor make any comers thereunto perfect. James 1:15 reveals sin, when "it is finished", brings forth death, via law: a "ministration of death": 2Cor 3:7, the deadly "sting" of sin: 1Cor 15:56.

Training "up", or growing "up" a child speaks of ever forward and upward growth unto "the God of all grace" (not backward and downward oppresing law law, witch causes mental illness: depression: "oppresion of the devil": law). Such train up, grow up, is allegorically called going "you-ward" (of ye/you), "after"-ward (of before/after natural/spiritual: 1Cor 15; Hebrews 7-11), "man" (of child/man: 1Cor 13:11) by "put away childish things": laws; Like
the "Christ" of "Jesus -> Christ", as if growing up unto the "perfect man" prototype.

Then go on to perfection, grow up "higher than the heavens", beyond Christ to the "fulness of Christ", as if beyond the law of love to "charity never faileth". Such is as going on to perfection, ever forward and upward unto the"us-ward" (of them/us), and "God-ward" unto "the God of all grace"; Which is no law at all, not even any mention of _ _ _ in "the end" of the God shew: Rev 22:21. Such is the greatest of (great -> greater) -> greatest, as is charity never faileth the "greatest" of "three" things; instead of being as Baby-lon the "great" is twice fallen: "is fallen, is fallen", and bwd to great <- greater <- greatest. For that "great" city: Jerusalem, Jerusalem is twice fallen, to "great"; in "which things are an allegory" with a moral: "grace is sufficient" (no law req'd).

Upward growth speaks of first growing up above the left/right law/law earthy God (Creator of "created" and "made" things) to the right of left/right sides, or to the right hand of (plural) hands of (divided) God; Who is not "the God of all grace", who is the Maker of created and made things, and notably makes a perfect you of ye/you, as allegorically noted in Jn 8:32 and 1Pet 5:10. Such is above a left/right (divided) God of law/grace. And notably growing up above such is by rightly dividing the word of truth, not just to what's right with a divided God nor a division all Son of Man, but above and beyond what's just right to make others wrong (blame game thereof), further upward where it's all right and no left (behind) at all. Such speaks of a "heaven" that is "higher than the heavens", or of "unity" of the Spirit (one Spirit, not seven spirits as in Revelation), the Holy Spirit (of Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit) that is above such "division" and "wrath"; Thereby he is our peace thereof "peace" (not division) instead of "division" (not peace), for twain are as contrary as <=BC|AD=>. Such speaks of going through the cross to risen and seated with Christ at the right hand of God, then uprising further to heaven (higher than the heavens) where Christ notably entered and appeared in the presence of God for "us"; which is above and beyond any them vs them sides war, which is only a blame game. So upward growth speaks of three things, in the allegoric manner of:

3. Heaven ("higher than the heavens"): God of all grace (no law at all)
2. Heavens ("higher than the earth"): right, of spiritual left/right (law/grace)
1. Earth (earthy, sensual, devilish): natural and carnal left/right Law/Law

So training up a child the way a child "should go" is not law, nor another law of Rom 7 & 8:2 law law; For the second of such beasts is notably about life in "Christ Jesus" (the reverse of "Jesus Christ"), and such supposed better law of the Spirit is of the Spirit of err of two Spirits we're to try, see which is witch. Many are the snares and booby traps of law, biblical mystery having lots of twists and allegoric things to sort out, the objective being to avoid all such snares, especially the dead end of grace + law = life + death = a dead end, and by being aware "I will have mercy, and not sacrifice" meaneth I will have grace and not law. For sacrifice, which is "of the the law", never pleased God.

Yet most churches still teach sacrifice and bloodshed as a righteous cover up for their law imputed sin. When such is uncovered, and as by "Revelation" ('uncovering', 'revealing', 'disclosure'), it's only the first of two blesseds, a childish law law cover up of sin consciousness rather than a conscience purged of sin by abolition of law. Such sin consciousness and cover up is due to children being tossed to and fro by law <=> law servants of sin and servants of righteousness; When the Bible reveals, and teaches about the "Christ" of "Jesus Christ": "in him is no sin" (allegorically no law, for only law imputes sin: Rom 4:15; 5:13; 1Cor 15:56), also that Christ is the end of the law "for righteousness" of such "division" all left/right Son of Man lefteousness and righeousness (goats and sheep: them and them). For the Son of Man has one thing for "them all" (both goats and sheep): "destruction" (Lk 17:27-30). And sin consciousness not purged, by let law be dead testator of the NT, can later give place to law: sin and death, as in 2Pet 2:20-22 and Rev 13's two beasts. Many churches still impute sin for the hell of it, and for troll tolls, like more the child of hell made twofold. They accuse others and excuse themsleves; Not knowing they condemn (law: sin and death) themselves by being sow dog gone law <-> law.

The Bible says "that God" was in "Christ" reconciling the world unto himself, and notably did not (law) impute sin, no, not even unto "them". So parents, teachers, and preachers occupied in training up a child the way a child should go ought not to law impute sin to any of them. For law imputed sin imputation makes sinners all, none righteous, and the curse "of the law" in such Do-teronomy and Don't-eronomy thereby makes them all accursed if there be any breach of law by any of them, unto a thousand generations.

Paul The Apostle: "his witness unto all men", writes: "let him be accursed": grace + law = blessed + cursed = accursed (Gal 1:8,9), such ministers shall have an end according their works: grace + law = life + death (2Cor 11: 15); Whomsoever brings you "another gospel", as a perversion of the gospel of Christ ("that gospel" of this/that gospels: Gal 2); And perhaps via "another law", and as if by "another Jesus" and "another spirit", perhaps even via "another angel" (another star: Revelation) such as John. For it is only "ye" do err, and alway, the carnal and childish sort of adult Christian, who might well bear with such like: 2Cor 11:4.

With Paul, there's growth progression: (Saul -> Paul) -> Converted Paul The Apostle, and it's as if the growth progression of (Jesus -> Christ) -> The Fulness of Christ; Which speaks of going above and beyond Christ: the end of the law to Christ: the end of the law "for righteousness" (end of the right side of left/right "division"), to grace void of law: no more lefteousness vs righteousness "division" (law law). For ruin-us "division" is what we see in the churches (ministers thereof), and in the governments (ministers thereof), wherein "ministers" are being law law; When the higher calling is unto "unity" of the Spirit.

In conclusion, the only plausible "escape" for any, and thereby for "all", if "there is no respect of persons with God", is to abolish law imputing sin, and the deadly "sting" thereof sin, is imputed, also strengthened, by law law.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.
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