Holy Ghost vs Holy Spirit: Driven vs Led.

Driven to Temptation by Holy Ghost vs Holy Spirit Led to Grace & Truth.
Temptation is not of God neither tempts(laws) not can be tempted(lawed).
Ye/We Are Not Under The Law, But Under Grace; If "Led Of The Spirit".

His Angel plays the Last Trump it

Driven vs Led: Holy Ghost vs Holy Spirit

Law Driven: walk before me, be perfect or else: Holy Ghost.
Grace Ledfollow me, be perfect, also merciful: Holy Spirit.
Galatians 5:18 "If led of the Spirit ye are not under the law".
Luke 6:36 Your Father [is] also merciful, not also merciless.

Two Holies: God [is] a Spirit (not a Ghost): Law vs Grace

Holy Ghost: Phantom Menace vs Merciful Comforter: Holy Spirit

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Holy Kiss: Greeting: Grace unto you, and peace
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Law Driven: Holy Ghost vs Holy Spirit: Grace Led

Christians are finally debating: Law vs Grace: Driven vs Led
(Driven by lies) Holy Ghost vs Holy Spirit (Led to truth)

Driven vs Led?
Many purpose Driven sheeple of purpose Driven churches are Driven to do awful things.

Many sheeple flocked to The Purpose Driven Life: a book on New York Times Best Seller List for one of the longest periods in history, that became one of best-selling non-fiction books of all time, topping Wall Street Best Seller Charts, by having over 30 million copies in print by 2006. But I was much more delighted taht someone else finally got it: understanding, and posted a Driven vs Led blog about such an awful lawful book promoting driven vs led of the Spirit. "If led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law": Galatians 5. If led of Grace, not driven by Law to do awful lawful things.  One need not even ask their purpose, of such purpose driven sheeple of purpose driven churches, if told these things are in churches: dogs, sorcerers, whoremongers, murderers, lovers and makers of lies: Revelation 22; False Christs and prophets shall rise (to high places) to deceive (lie: law); they deceive to obtain a corruptible crown; and their love of money is the root of all their evil. Is it any wonder that the world is now experiencing an economic apocalypse spawned by Wall Street and Titanic Mentality of many purpose driven sheeple of many purpose driven churches; Who have not dismissed the Schoolmaster which fails every student: Law, but have dismissed the KJV which clarifies the difference between Holy Ghost vs Holy Spirit. God [is] a Spirit (not a Ghost). God is not only perfect love, which law love is not; But God is also merciful (not also merciless).

Holy Ghost vs Holy Spirit: is as Driven vs Led: is as Law vs Grace:
Holy Ghost Driven: Walk before me, be perfect, or else....Awful Lawful

Holy Spirit LedFollow me,  be ye perfect,  "also merciful" ... Grace Us
Driven vs Led: If led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law: Galatians 5.

many churchy folk can't agree, even though Paul The Apostle tells such
carnal folk that we should all say "the same" (JC) things, and there should be no schism in the body of Christ is the end of the law, not mend of law. I guess it's like the hung jury of twelve apostles who could never agree, sons of thunder moving the ten to indignation. Example is on Christianity.com forum.

Driven vs Led of Law vs Grace of Holy Ghost vs Holy Spirit
Law Driven: You first forgive all, or else I will not forgive you: Matthew 6:15

Grace Led: God hath first forgiven you, so do likewise to all: Ephesians 4:32
Forgiveness by law is a mission impossible when truth is known about the law.
Forgiven by grace is via abolition of the law when the truth is known by grace.

    If led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law (not driven)
    Ghost Driven: Law: walk before me, be thou perfect, or else ... ends awful
    Spirit Led: Grace: follow me, be ye perfect, also merciful ... ends grace us

Eg: law driven to or else endings: five in one house divided: Matthew 12: 30-37
1. With or Against... ends badly: Against
    2. Gather or Scatter... ends bad: Scatter-brain
    3. Forgiven or Unforgiven... ends bad: forsaken
    4. Tree Fruit Good or Corrupt... ends bad: Corruptible
    5. Justified or Condemned... ends bad: self-condemned

    Grace led does not do the or else thing, thereby being
    1. with only,
    2. gathering only,
    3. forgiving only,
    4. good only
    5. justified only

But fortunately truth seekers are leaving such legalistic places, such hypocrisy and partiality in churches, to find grace, in time: Hebrews 4:16. As exhorted to in Hebrews 6:1, more than a few are now leaving the "principles", to go on unto "perfection" described in the conclusion of Hebrews; And especially in the non millennial third day, the day of God wherein it has already been reported "peace is breaking out all around the world", in spite of what the N E W S says, for love of money.

Also Merciless vs Also Merciful
Also Merciless Law vs Also Merciful Grace

For it's become painfully obvious what(?) "this gospel" of "many" produced: global sorrows, Mosaic terror, epidemic fear, terror-ism, destructive wars, destructive hurricanes and typhoons x four, a number also found oft in Revelation... Wrath, which God hath "not" appointed us unto; And if "law worketh wrath", well it's law that God hath not appointed us unto.  Selah. So as also written, "also that" shall be told, also "that gospel" of this/that gospels shall be told wheresover "this gospel" is told throughout the whole world.

Driven vs Led
Unpardonable Sin vs Not Imputing Sin
The Blame Game vs The Awareness Game
Driven into wilderness vs Led to grace and truth
God is not [the author] of confusion vs God is [the author[ of peace

So we're talking this gospel goes global first, then also that gospel goes global last, and the last trump it of two trumps wins the day; For both first + last is an oxymoronic paradox of two Sabbaths pendulum swinging from best to worst last days, to such opposing ends as worst<-worse<-evil/good->better->best.

It seems such "also" telling, of "also that" of all this/that, and if it's wheresoever this told, would be as globally telling the difference between: Holy Ghost vs Holy Spirit; and also making such known globally, but only for the sake of global reconciliation via global awarness and get it: understanding of which is witch of Holy Ghost vs Holy Spirit. It's the awareness game instead of the blame game witch only inducts all in the hALL of shame.

What(?) does the Bible say?
The Bible leaves no doubt, citing ample evidence the difference between two such Holies: Holy Ghost and Holy Spirit, is as: merciless and "also merciful"; God y(our) Father in "heaven" being "also merciful": Luke 6:36, which is "perfect" in Matthew 5:48, as what we're exhorted to be. Two spirits are also differentiated as good vs evil, lie vs truth, sacrifice vs mercy, law vs grace; and their respective ends: finished(s), are as death vs life, non-existence vs existence, extinction vs salvation.

What does Jesus Christ say that God said?
JC: "either make the tree good or evil(corrupt)". Why? Both good + evil is an oxymoronic paradox with a bad end, like life + death = a dead end. It's as the difference between Mosaic law and JC grace being as lie and truth: John 1:17, destruction and life: Matthew 7:13-14; Said "no escape" destruction in 1Thessalonians 5:3 back-firing upon them and said 'no wrath' in 1Thessalonians 5:9 live-ing in his sight come-ing upon us via "escape", by "give" more earnest heed instead of "take" heed followed by sorrows, of such biblical give and take. As said, the difference is as non-existence vs existence; non-existent law vs existent grace, phantom menace vs reality.

God [is] a Spirit: John 4:24. Conversely God is not a Ghost. God is love, the perfect sort having no fear at all; also the sort which neither tempts nor can be tempted: James 1; also the sort which cannot lie nor die. Conversely the provocation of the Holy Ghost in Hebrews 3 involved much fear, temptation, and provocation unto wrath, the killer sort of "law worketh wrath". On the contrary 1Thessalonians 5:9 states God hath not appointed us unto wrath(law).

The mention of "another Comforter" (similar to the mention of "another gospel") clearly suggests two sorts of comfort mentioned in Thessalonians, from two sorts of Comforters mentioned in John. One and another, the glory of one star being different from the glory of another in 1Corinthians 15's mention of two Adams, such Adams being as different as soul and spirit, and as different as the two one man scenarios in Romans 5, which the piercing word of God notably divides ass under: Hebrews 4:12. Not to mention the difference between "created" and "made" being as before and after as "in our image" and "after our likeness": Genesis 1.

Perhaps such one and another are different, as different as "his angel" and "another angel" flying to and fro in Revelation. Perhaps there were two different Commanders giving old Noah two different commandments, which were "contrary", as contrary as two and seven, as contrary as mercy and sacrifice, sufficient and insufficient. Paul is also told: "grace is sufficient".

Perhaps if we mix contrary things like Holy Spirit + Holy Ghost, we may end as non-existent as those saved(graced) + destroyed(lawed) in Jude 5. Perhaps if we mix contrary things such as grace + law, we may end as those both blessed + cursed = accursed in Galatians 1:8. Perhaps if we mix such grace + law is as life + death, we may end as dead as those in Hebrews 7:23; Not to mention such hALL of shame as Hebrews 11:13,39: "these all": "died" and "received not the promise". The exhortation is: "from such turn away". The reason: so none perish. The Lord is longsuffering us-ward so none perish.

Of false and true spirits we're told to try, and told which is witch in 1John4, it is noted in 2Corinthians 3's comparison of two glorys, the chanGe being made "from glory(law) to glory(grace)", to all, being via "that Spirit", which the Lord (of lords) now is, of time past/ last days. Evidently that Spirit the Lord is now, is the Spirit of grace and truth, not law and lie. For when it comes to lie and truth, law and grace, knowing which is witch, there is also a change from ye to you, as noted in John 8:32, and again in 1Peter 5:10 it's a change from created to made, imperfect to perfect, ye to you, and notably via "the God of all grace". And being "made" perfect, he(Christ) became the author of eternal salvation, instead of Jude 5's salvation + destruction.

Perhaps those giving place to a Holy Ghost, wrath, destruction, and great tribulation thereof Mosaic law, are giving place to a "shadow" (Hebrews 10), a phantom menace, a dark version of things to come, instead of the very(true) things to come via the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of grace, and the truth thereof being peace(rest) with God is through  Jesus -> Christ: "the end of the law".

Crisis... What Crisis? Only a child is afraid of a ghost, a shadow!
Sound the (OT) alarm, the kingdom is under attack from a phantom menace? Blow ye the trumpet (voice of words: grace + law) in Zion? I think not! For such great voice, loud voice, warring thereof, is childish of child/man kind.

God did not say let us make child in Genesis 1:26, neither the child of hell nor more the child of hell. Rather God said "let us make man" kind, as if declaring the end (man kind of child/man: 1Corinthians 13:11) from the beginning: "let there be light" (not lights, nor light + darkness). For that God is light, and in him there is no darkness at all, which we have both heard and declare unto you from the beginning. In him is no sin. No sin speaks of no law, for only law imputes sin. Furthermore no law = no sin = no death, for only sin brings forth death: 1Cor 15:56; but notably only when it is "finished": James 1:15. Selah.

War... What war? He is our peace! who hath abolished the law.
He (already) "is" our peace, who hath abolished the law. What war cry and battle thereof would any, such as the Salvation Army, be fighting, if the Bible flat out states "he is our peace"? Only a war which cannot be won, for in any division-all accusation-all war all are losers, even those claiming to up-right. For above division-all left vs right "heavens" is the heaven, where it's all-right.

Peace is not at the cross, but rather it's through the cross:
At the cross: a menorah war "My God, My God" = "forsaken"
Before: no peace, rather "division" -> Cross -> After: "peace"!
Peace with God is "through" Jesus -> Christ: the end of the law
Those hung up on the cross are as blessed + cursed = "accursed"
For it is plainly written: "cursed every one that hangeth on a tree"

Peace is the absence of division-all war. Any kingdom, house, nation, or individual divided against itself shall fall, to ruin. If law is not only the source of sin: Romans 5:13, but also the strength of sin: 1Corinthians 15:56, and if when sin is finished it bringeth forth death; James 1:15, well then, fighting sin with law would only result in "I fought the law and the law won".

Fighting Mosaic terror-ism: Deuteronomy 34:12 with a Mel Gibson passion of popish John-Paul II "sacrifice" (Pope Quote: the long tradition of sacrifice must continue in the third millennium: 1999) and with potus G-B II's "rule of law" is like pouring gasoline on a raging fire in south Georgia, and wondering why it doesn't go out. Such "more the child of hell" poured upon "child of hell", is kinda law law in my Bible. Such law law may be found in the midst of Romans, just like two Gods: "My God, My God" = "forsaken" is found in the midst of seven last utterances at Easter. But no law at all is what's found at the end of Romans, and the end of every Pauline epistle, even the end of Hebrews, also the end of Revelation Paul authored (not John), which is the end of the Holy Bible, which is not called a Holy Holy Bible. Selah.

Saying "the long tradition of sacrifice must continue" and "there will be sacrifice" when God said "I will have mercy, and not sacrifice", and in both Old and New Testaments, in more than one place and more than one way; Well, such is beyond child of hell ignorance, to the point of more the child of hell "willing ignorance"; the folly of babylon "is fallen, is fallen": twice fallen, bwd to "great"<-geater<-greatest instead of fwd to great->greater->"greatest".

Saying Peace & Safety (allegory: Grace & Law), safety in law, safety in Mosaic law, in "law worketh wrath", in merciless law which when provoked even kills little children, in faulty law which imprisons innocent people; Well, such is about as willingly ignorant as it gets among adults. Selah.

The Merlin movie reveals how Merlin constantly got suckered into battle with evil Mame, and lost every time. But at the end, where the real magic is, they all "from such turn away", gave it no place, and it vanishes. So it is written about the law, such evil concupiscence, it "waxeth old", so old it is "ready to vanish": Hebrews 8:13, and it "shall vanish": 1Corinthians 13:8. Poof!

Where and When is "no law" in the Bible?
Where no law, there no transgression: Rom 4:15
When no law, sin is not even imputed: Rom 5:13
Love, first fruit of the "Spirit": against such there is no law: Gal 5
Love (God: Spirit: fruit: no law) one another, as I have loved you.

Poof goes the dragon when we also, as that God did in Christ, give no place to dragonic law, eventually not even mention of it. For in the end of the Holy Bible containing Old and New Testaments, notably not a Holy Holy Bible, there is no mention of _ _ _ when and where his angel plays the last trump it:
The "grace" of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

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