Grace Unto You, And Peace, From God Our Father

Hallowed Name: Pure Wisdom from aboveGrace unto You:  is from God our Father: unto You of ye/you.
By pure grace void of law  we have merciful mercy void of sacrifice, true peace void of division and confusion.

His angel plays the last trump it

Holy Kiss: Grace unto you, and peace, from God

Your hallowed name: Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father  and  the Lord Jesus Christ

What is Grace? Of Law/Grace, it is not Law.

    Greet ye one another with an holy kiss (grace): 1Cor 16:20
   Greet one another with an holy kiss (grace): 2Cor 13:12

   Greet all the brethren with a holy kiss (grace): 1Thess 5:26
   Greet ye one another with a kiss of charity (grace): 1Pet 5:14

Pauline Holy Kiss: Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Grace unto You, and Peace: From God our Father

Pauline Holy Kiss of Charity unto brethren all: Grace unto You: From God our Father

Y(our) hallowed name: Grace unto you, and peace,
 from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ

Note: it does not say law unto you, nor grace + law, nor unto ye; But "grace unto you".
Such is also called "pure wisdom that is from above" in James 3:17's "first" pure, "then" peaceable;
The POINT made by Paul & James: grace + law don't mix, except to make a polluted oxymoron.

Holy Kiss of Charity: Grace unto You: From God our Father
"Grace unto you" ... "from God our Father" ("the God of all grace") is pure grace, allegorically pure religion in James 1:27 and the pure wisdom in James 3:17. As James points out: when "grace unto you" (wisdom that is from above) is "first pure" then it's notably also first "peace-able" of seven things pure grace is. The biblical moral of such an allegory is: if grace is not pure, true peace is not able.

No peace is able if grace is not first pure and impartial
No peace is able if grace is not pure, evident from the evidence does not lie, of current events; Especially from the state of affairs (absence of peace) in Israel (child of hell), where it's grace + law unto you, but no peace ever occurs; Nor is there any true or lasting peace in America (more the child of hell), which has a church on nearly every corner, but no peace at home nor abroad.

Noahic grace is not the same as the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ
The grace Noah found in the eyes of the LORD was partial: only saved some; and only eight "souls". The grace which came by Jesus Christ is spiritual grace and impartial: saves all. Save some only scuttles all perish till we get to the end where none perish, which speaks of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all, against none of you. Hence there are two sorts of grace to sort out.

That God is light and in him there is no darkness at all
Just as "that God is light and in him there is no darkness at all"; So also "the God of all grace" is all grace and no law at all. In the same manner "God is love", the perfect (merciful) sort, is also all love and no fear at all. "God [is] a Spirit" is also all Spirit and no Ghost at all. And in such pure wisdom, such pure light(day), such perfect love, such a Spirit of grace and truth thereof, we find grace is the root source of all God (good) stuff which is not only a given, but "freely given", to all, without partiality. Grace comes from a "throne of grace", where mercy is mercy full and forgiven is a given, unto "you"; and by taking away the law from grace + law, which is by "the operation of God".

The Operation of God: he taketh away the law
The Problem: Grace (is) + Law (added) ends badly.
The Solution: (Grace + Law) - Law = Pure Grace.

Hallowed Be Thy Name: Grace (Thy Hallowed Name)
Such "Grace unto you... from God our Father", is also how we ought to greet brethren all, be it friend or foe, ignorant or bewitched, whether such are playing "your part" or "their part" in the Shew having two parts to it; Even a third part as what's best of three things. For Grace is y(our) hallowed name, the heavenly name of God & Son, also the heavenly name "by which ye are called", the name "above every name" (including Jesus), and to be hallowed. Hallowed be thy name: Grace unto You (from God our Father).

Christ: is the end of the law; Thereby the Saviour of the world
When looking closer at the "Christ": "is the end of the law" (Romans 10:4), we find that all Christ(the end of the law) both did and said was by grace only, neither obeying nor disobeying any law at all; Rather giving law no place at all. As he aptly said: "I am (grace) not come to destroy (law) but to fulfill (grace)"; The point of such allegorical statement being he's no mixture of grace + law. For grace + law = blessed + cursed = accursed by "the curse of the law". And grace + law = life + death: dead end (since law was a "ministration of death": 2Cor 3).

The end to endure unto to be saved(graced), is the end of the law
So the end ("The grace of our Lord JC be with you all. amen."), which is (allegorically) declared from the beginning  ("Grace unto you") according to Isaiah 46:10, is also how Paul The Apostle begins and ends all his epistles (Hebrews: a mini bible itself is excepted, since it is Unto The Hebrews; Yet Hebrews also ends with "Grace with you all"). The end has no mention of law nor any grace + law ("added") to anyone; For the letter (law) killeth, but the spirit (grace) giveth life. So we find even Pauline written Hebrews and Revelation end with grace only.

Of Two Gods, the God of all grace is firstly, always, and only Grace Us
Grace unto You: It's "all grace" and no law at all from "the God of all grace" via "Christ: is the end of the law"... when "his angel" plays the last trump it:

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

What is Grace? Of Enmity/Friend, it is Friend.

What is Grace?
First let's see what grace is not:
Of Law/Grace, it is not Law; And

Of Sacrifice/Mercy, it is not Sacrifice;
And Of Division/Peace, it is not Division.

Of 4 mentions of "grace" in 4 gospels, 2 Sons Jesus never mentions it.
"Jesus" brought division (unrest), not peace (rest): Lk 12:51: Heb 4:8.
"Christ" is the end of the law, and is not divided, is notably our peace.
Therefore reconciling the world to God is done in Christ, not in Jesus.
Yet reconciled in 2Cor 5 is neither to Jesus, nor to Christ, but to God.
For the 2nd of reconciled x2 in Romans 5 can be to life of life + death.
God didn't send his Son to reconcile us unto life + death, but life only.

            Seven things grace is, in James 3:17's first pure wisdom from above:
(Paul's grace unto you from God is James' first pure wisdom from above)
            1. Peace-able:
God is not [the author] of confusion, but of peace.
            2. Gentle:
law is neither peaceable nor gentle; Only grace is gentle.
            3. Easy to be entreated:
not hard to swallow, nor sweet + bitter like law.
            4. Full of mercy:
only grace is merciful; law is both partial and merciless.
            5. Full of good fruit:
no bad fruit at all in grace is sufficient for thee.
            6. Without partiality:
grace has no respect of persons, but law does.
            7. Without hypocrisy:
grace has no leaven (hypocrisy) of scribes, Pharisees, Herod.

What is Grace?
Grace is mentioned about 170 times in the Holy Bible. But the Holy Bible, being allegoric mystery, does not think for you; Rather allegoric mystery makes you think, so in the end of the God shew already Pauline written, you and all the kingdom of God within you do not stink. For pure grace does not even think both good and evil nor law impute sin to forgive or cover up.

                                Only what began can end. Law began, twice.
                           In the OT, Law began as "fear" hath torment.
                           In the NT, Another Law began as "sorrows".
                           Eternal Grace has neither beginning nor end.

What is Grace, is like saying What is God? The answer, in terms of a comparative teaching, is of Enmity (Law) / Friend (Grace), Grace is not Enmity: Harmful; Grace is Friend: Harmless. In the God "shew", a comparative teaching about what is grace, compared to what grace is not: law; A friend is notably not a servant, neither a servant of sin nor a servant of righteousness.

The grace that God is, is neither left nor right, but above being right to make others wrong, above such division, and not peace. For God is not [the author] of confusion, but of peace.

What is Grace? Of Ye/You, it's not Ye do err (law), so ye must be born again, not of corruptible law, but of incorruptible grace. It's grace unto you, not double minded ye got puffed up to highminded. Only "you" can fall from grace: Galatians 5:4. Of Old/New, it is not Old; For what's old and faulty is ready to vanish away and shall vanish. Grace never leaves nor forsakes you as law does. Of Mortal/Immortal, it is not Mortal; So when thinking of grace, think in terms of immortal. Mortality is grace + law, which is life + death = a dead end. A dead end is what God cannot lie nor die will never have, not then, not now, not ever.

Noahic grace + law is not grace + truth came by Jesus Christ;
Which is to say partiality is not a charateristic of God & Son,
and neither God nor Son is an oxy-moron with a bad ending.

What is Grace? Of Ghost/Spirit, it is not Ghost; For God [is] a Spirit (not a Ghost). Of Merciless/Merciful, it is not Merciless; For God is merciful. Of Schoolmaster/Christ, it is not a Schoolmaster (law) which fails every student. Grace never fails any, nor thinks any are a fail-u-are.

Law: I will forget you, and I will utterly forsake you.
Grace: I will never leave you, and never forsake you.

What is Grace? Of Them/Us, it is not Them vs Them oppose them-selves with Law vs Law is as Loser vs Loser. Christ (is the end of the law) became us: holy, undefiled, harmless, separate. Of Devilish Wisdom/Pure Wisdom, it is not Devilish Wisdom that is earthy and sensual; But rather it is first pure wisdom from above: grace unto you from God that is notably also firstly peace-able of seven things grace is in James 3:17. For God is not [the author] of confusion, but of peace.

Hallowed be THY NAME: GRACE
Your hallowed name: GRACE unto YOU

What is Grace? If born again is not of corruptible seed (law), but of incorruptible (grace); Then obviously grace is not corruptible nor even seed. Rather grace is incorruptible. Eg: His Grace neither tempts (laws) anyone nor can be tempted (lawed) by anyone: James. So grace is not only immortal, and in-visible, but incorruptible. God's Grace cannot lie, die, corrupt, or be corrupted. So perhaps many who claim to be born again, and get corrupted, are not born of incorruptible grace. Of false/true Christs, grace isn't false, nor puffed up to highminded, nor double minded = unstable.

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